Individual: Individual therapy gives you an opportunity face your problems and have someone help you understand and overcome them.  If insanity is repeating the same thing but expecting different results, it’s time to try something different!   People come to therapy for a variety of reasons: depression, anxiety, trauma, unhealthy patterns and addictions, coping with significant life events among many others.  Regardless of what your unique issues are, the bottom line is that your life isn’t what you want and you need help changing it.  This is where we do that work.

Couples: Me + You = Us. In a relationship, the number one ingredient that keeps a couple together is success in resolving conflicts.  Effective communication is absolutely crucial. Love goes far, but it is difficult to keep good feelings alive in the midst of problems that you cant seem to solve.  Here you need a neutral party to help you understand the conflicts and help you move towards change.  For couples therapy to work, BOTH people need to be willing to do the work and take a hard look at their own half of the problem.